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Udal law: "From the highest in the hill to the lowest at the ebb".

Contrary to my expectations, I came last in the polling, only managing 245 votes. I am told that I'm the first independent candidate to exceed 1% of the vote in this constituency, but that is small comfort. If the response I was getting on the doorstep was anything to go by, I should have won it!

I am profoundly grateful to those who supported my campaign so magnificently - just sorry I was not able to live up to your expectations. Apparently, electing someone not to be a memeber of parliament was a step too far when it came to putting a cross on the ballot paper.

However, all is not lost. Before the campaign started I notified the Prime Minister, the Electoral Commission, the returning officer, deputy returning officer and all the other candidates that the election was illegal because no Scottish court has heard any evidence that Shetland and Orkney are part of Scotland. I got a reply back from the returning officer, but from nobody else. All he could do was raise some inconsequential points, but was unable to rebut anything in my Notice.

I got a reminder that the deadline for the return of donations and expenses was Friday 14 July from Fiona Ratter at Orkney Islands Council. I informed her that, because the election was illegal and a fraud on the people of Orkney and Shetland, I had no intention of compounding the fraud and would not be submitting any return. This may be a criminal offence I'm not sure, but it pales into insignificance beside the holding of an illegal election.

We'll see what they do.

You can find the original letter to the Prime Minister here.

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