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Distributed Power.

What passes for 'democracy' is actually nothing more than plutocracy - government of the people, by an elite, for an elite.

The theory is that every eligible man or woman has a vote, we cast our votes at an election and the candidate with the most votes wins. They are then supposed to represent the views of their constituents during their four or five year term of office, but the reality is that they then think they know best and can do what they like.

Meanwhile, they have taken an oath of allegiance to the Crown or the State and are left in no doubt that all the promises they made before being elected are now subject to higher scrutiny and veto. All governments are in debt to (privately owned) banks and have to take account of the interests of big business, so any one elected member has little chance of making any difference.

There has to be a way of keeping power at the bottom. Firstly, if you provide positions of power, power-hungry tyrants will seek them out. Secondly, If you give someone power and money and leave them alone for a long period, they are almost certain, now being out of touch with reality, to abuse it.

So, what is required is a 'flat' society with little or no hierarchy and a means by which those entrusted to work on behalf of the public remain public servants, not public dictators.

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